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UVINNECO: Revolutionary water filter - Less limescale, more purity

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Brand: Uvinneco

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The revolutionary water filter for your faucet. For pure water. Anytime.

Discover Uvinneco - The Future of Water Purification

Tired of limescale buildup and the constant purchase of water filters? Uvinneco offers an innovative solution for clean, healthy drinking water straight from your faucet. The revolutionary system combines advanced UVC/UVA technology with Kinetic Reactor technology to not only filter your water but truly purify it - without the use of filters or chemical additives.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces Limescale: Transforms limestone into aragonite, an easy-to-clean, soft white powder.
  • Less Chlorine: Reduces chlorine in water by up to 60%, improving odor and taste.
  • Destroys Bacteria: Eliminates up to 99% of all bacteria thanks to UVC/UVA technology.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Saves water and reduces the need for plastic bottles.
  • No Ongoing Costs: Forget about buying replacement filters or cartridges

Easy Installation in Just 5 Minutes

  • No tools needed. Simply screw on. Done.
  • Fits standard M22/M24 faucets
  • Direct replacement for your current faucet attachment

Cleanse Your Water, Not Just Filter It.

No monthly filter replacements. Buy now and taste and experience the difference!

Happy Family Glass Water

Suitable for Every Household

Whether you live in an area with hard water or simply want to improve the taste of your tap water - Uvinneco is the ideal solution for anyone who values pure drinking water.

✓ For over 45,000 liters of pure water
✓ No batteries or cables required
✓ For apartment, camping, vacation

Installed in just 5 minutes. For daily pure water.

Happy Family Glass Water

No More Carrying Water

No more worries about whether the water filter is still good or needs to be replaced. The Uvinneco water filter provides you with clear and clean drinking water instantly and at any time.

✓ No more buying and changing annoying filters.
✓ No more carrying heavy bottles.
✓ Save money and protect the environment.

Save up to 50% water with UVINNECO - Your contribution to a greener planet with every sip.

Frequently Asked Questions about Uvinneco Water Treatment
Is UVINNECO suitable for all faucets?
UVINNECO is designed for the most common M22/M24 faucets and can be easily installed thanks to the included adapter. For special faucet designs, we recommend checking compatibility before purchase.
How long does it take to install UVINNECO?
Installing UVINNECO is easy and usually takes no longer than 5 minutes. You typically don't need any tools; just remove the old aerator and screw on the UVINNECO system. Note: For an old faucet sieve, using a pipe wrench to loosen may be helpful.
Does UVINNECO require an external power source?
No, UVINNECO does not require batteries or an electrical connection. It uses water flow to generate energy for the UVC/UVA LEDs.
How long can I use UVINNECO?
The lifespan of UVINNECO is 2 years, and we recommend replacing the Kinetic insert after one year.
How does UVINNECO technology for water treatment work?
UVINNECO uses a combination of UVC and UVA rays to disinfect water, eliminating up to 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Additionally, it uses kinetic reactor technology, which improves water quality through hydrodynamic cavitation, oxidation, and degassing without chemicals or filter changes.
Can UVINNECO reduce limescale in water?
Yes, UVINNECO converts limestone into aragonite, a harmless powder that is easy to clean, thus reducing limescale deposits in household appliances and on surfaces.
How effective is UVINNECO against viruses and bacteria?
UVINNECO is extremely effective and destroys up to 99.9% of all viruses and bacteria in water, making it a safe choice for your drinking water treatment.
What happens if the water pressure in my house is too low?
UVINNECO requires a minimum water pressure of 1 bar for effective operation. Lower pressure could affect the efficiency of water treatment. It is recommended to check the water pressure before installing UVINNECO.

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Einfach zu montieren und man kann sofort gefiltertes Wasser nutzen. Es ist wirklich einfach.
Ein einfacher Wasserfilter der in wenigen Minuten auf meinem Wasserhahn montiert ist. Ich bin ganz begeistert von der simplen Funktionsweise und genieße jetzt sofort frisches und klares Wasser. Kein komischer Geschmack, keine Verfärbungen oder andauerndes Filterwechsel. Einfach nur wow. So simpel. Meine alte Wasserfilterkanne habe ich schon verstaut, ich denke die brauche ich wohl nicht mehr.

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