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Coffee mug "Danke für alle Orgasmen"

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Coffee mug "Danke für alle Orgasmen"
In Stock
(0 reviews) Write a review

Product details

Are you ready to thank your sweetheart in a humorous and unforgettable way? Then our "Thank You for All Orgasms" mug is just right for you! This mug is not only a practical everyday item but also a statement filled with humor and charm. It's the perfect way to show your partner (or secret affair) how much you appreciate the moments you share - every morning with coffee!

The "Thank You for All Orgasms" coffee mug is a humorous and unique product that's perfect for couples, regardless of their configuration. The mug is made of sturdy white ceramic with a colored interior and handle, making it a real eye-catcher on the breakfast table. It stands 9.6 cm tall, has a diameter of 8.3 cm, and holds 325 ml. Additionally, it is dishwasher and microwave safe.

Mornings Filled with Humor: The Orgasm Thank You Mug

Every morning starts with a smile when you hold this mug in your hand. It's not just a drinking vessel but a symbol of the joy and laughter you share with your partner. This mug is more than just ceramics; it's a daily expression of love, showing that you cherish the small, intimate moments as much as the big ones. It's proof that humor and love go hand in hand, and the best relationships are the ones where you can laugh together.

Unique Humor: Brings a smile to your face every morning.
Personal Expression: Shows your partner how much you value your time together.
Quality Material: Made from high-quality ceramic, perfect for daily use.
Versatile: Ideal for coffee, tea, or your favorite beverage.
Conversation Starter: A real attention-grabber that will bring laughter from guests.
Attention: May not be suitable for the office (NSFW).
The "Thank You for All Orgasms" mug is more than just a beverage container. It's a symbol of love, humor, and appreciation. Every morning, it reminds you and your partner of the importance of laughing together and enjoying the small moments. With this mug, every day starts with a smile and a reminder of the joy you share. Get this mug now and bring more humor and love into your daily life!
  • Ceramic
  • Height: 9.6 cm (3.7")
  • Diameter: 8.3 cm (3.27")
  • Size: 325ml
  • White print area
  • Rim, interior, and handle in color
  • Dishwasher and microwave safe
  • This product is made to order. No minimum order quantity.

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coffee mug "danke für alle orgasmen" online kaufen bei shomugo gmbh
In Stock
coffee mug "danke für alle orgasmen" online kaufen bei shomugo gmbh
In Stock
coffee mug "danke für alle orgasmen" online kaufen bei shomugo gmbh
In Stock
coffee mug "danke für alle orgasmen" online kaufen bei shomugo gmbh
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