Dein Brand Store - Besser als ein eigener Online-Shop

You want to run your own online store to be flexible and have everything under control? You have already tested several online marketplaces and never found what you expected or really needed? Your search is over. Let us introduce you to SHOMUGO.

Who or what is SHOMUGO?

SHOMUGO is an online marketplace with its own brand stores for every retailer. You enjoy the advantages of an e-commerce platform with intuitive navigation, growing reach, continuous development and secure connectivity, as well as the advantages of your own online store with easy and fast product publishing, your own prices + quantity discounts + promotions, your own delivery terms like click & collect, mail or shipping with your very own price and shopping cart terms.

In addition, you can design your brand store the way you want it, sync it with CSV for price and stock level updates and even redirect your own domain.

The idea behind SHOMUGO Brand Stores is to provide merchants like you with a platform to showcase and promote your brands and products to strengthen your online presence and increase sales. At the same time, customers benefit from a wider selection of brands and products, as well as direct contact with retailers.

But that's not all...

What is a SHOMUGO Brand Store

With SHOMUGO Brand Store you can sell online within a few clicks. Be it physical or digital products or even services. We offer you ready-made options for the right of withdrawal and for the deposit of terms and conditions or product information.

You can store multiple documents for the purchase and after the purchase. Our ready-made email notifications to your customers are simple and explanatory and save you a lot of work. You can also communicate with all your customers in at least two languages.

A SHOMUGO Brand Store is designed to make your e-commerce as easy as possible and pave your way to e-commerce success. Without blah blah and with personal support. For merchants like you, a Brand Store on SHOMUGO offers many advantages, such as:

  • Increase visibility and awareness of your brand through presence in a growing and highly trafficked online marketplace.
  • Opportunity to customize your brand store to represent the brand image and create unique customer loyalty.
  • Direct customer relationships and the ability to build and maintain a loyal audience.
  • The ability to sell your products without the need for your own website and IT skills or extensive marketing activities.

For customers, a Brand Store on SHOMUGO also offers many advantages, such as:

  • A wider selection of brands and products in one place.
  • The possibility to buy directly from the merchants and thus benefit from individual offers and better customer service.
  • The ability to communicate directly with merchants, ask questions and provide feedback.

How does SHOMUGO support my e-commerce?

We work actively and personally with all participating merchants on SHOMUGO. It doesn't matter if you are just setting up your online store or if you already have many years of experience in e-commerce. We offer included and paid services for your project:

  • Your own unique URL to your brand store
  • Automatic bilingual selling - higher target group
  • SEO optimized categories and their products
  • Secure connection of payment systems (PayPal & Stripe)
  • Individual product design for single products, variants and bundles
  • For physical and digital products, as well as services
  • Individual marketing and discount campaigns
  • Individual realization of delivery options / conditions
  • Easy implementation of legal requirements such as basic price indication
  • Fully automated and optimized notification system for customers
  • Single login for your customers (one login - access to all SHOMUGO marketplaces and brand stores)

How to sell online on SHOMUGO?

If you are interested in opening a brand store on SHOMUGO, we invite you to register. Take the chance to present your brand to a wider audience and sell directly to customers.

You can easily sell on SHOMUGO. All you need is a registered business and a registration on our website

After a short check you can start selling.

We support your project actively and personally. We are not an e-commerce provider who just sells you a product, but we work together with you on your e-commerce success. For this we are at your side in any case.

What costs do I incur as a merchant with a SHOMUGO Brand Store?

SHOMUGO offers a transparent fee structure for merchants who want to open a Brand Store. We charge a fixed basic fee for the further development, protection and marketing of the online marketplace. Depending on the scope of services, different packages are available.

Depending on the package, we also charge a minimum fee for each sale. You can see the exact fees and conditions in our package and price overview.

By opening a Brand Store on SHOMUGO you can profit from your sales by...

  • communicate directly with your customers to better understand and respond to their needs.
  • increase the value of your products by offering customized offers and services, which can lead to higher prices.
  • achieve greater reach and visibility for your brand, which can lead to more sales.
  • have the opportunity to reach a large audience in a short time, strengthening your market position.
  • not have to worry about updates, security, design or development, as we take care of all that for you and keep your brand store up to date.

We are pioneers in Europe with this concept and convinced to bring e-commerce to a new and competitive level. Our prices and services speak for themselves.

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